Monday, May 9, 2011


A busy beginning to May for MAD MONSTER. Our monster mavens are heading out across the Eew.Sss.Ay! Famous freaks were out meeting and greeting their hungry fans.

Tom Sixx, director of The Human Centipede wanted 3 copies of our mag?
The MAD MONSTER team hit Texas Frightmare weekend and Chiller Con New Jersey. All the brightest movie-scars of Horrorwood turned out to sign autographs and read their copies of the first 1st MAD MONSTER mag!

Move over bacon! Now there's MAD MONSTER!!

Malcolm McDowell barely tolerates team MAD MONSTER Peter's soccer chat interrupting his read.

Roger Corman, the filmmaker who never lost a dime, saves another dime by pilfering a copy of MAD MONSTER.

Phantasm's "Tall Man" and MAD MONSTER cover-boy Angus Scrimm curses our content!

Norman Reedus of Walking Dead uses our mag to fend off the clamoring female fans.

Quick zombies! Read it before your eyes shrivel away!

Living legend Robert Englund finds something to scream about in the pages of MAD MONSTER!