Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mad Monster-Palooza debut!

At MONSTERPALOOZA, Haruo Nakajima, the original GODZILLA - gives our first-ever issue of MAD MONSTER mag his "STOMP OF APPROVAL!"

Each year, for one gruesome weekend, the East (in the form of event organizer Eliot Brodsky) and the West (every Special FX artist in Hollywood) come together with a BANG to Horror-fy Burbank, California at MONSTERPALOOZA! This is THE genre con to end all cons when it comes to Special FX makeup, craft and sculpture. 

The outrageously brilliant work of Mike Hill. The tops in the FX industry

Many of the figures on display would be worthy of a place in a fine art museum. And the show gets bigger and bigger every year with filmmakers and fans stalking the carpeted hallways of the Marriott Hotel. Monster fans like Guillermo Del Toro, Joe Dante, John Favreau, Mick Garris, Darren Bousman and Rick Baker, just to name a few. So, what better place to premiere MAD MONSTER magazine?

Cujo believe it? Dee Wallace reads Mad Monster! A green-haired Supermodel poses skullfully.
A mag only a mummy could love. And look, he got his rotten kid a copy too!
Catherine Hicks is MAD about our MONSTER mag. Our pal Ogre points the way to (mis)adventure.

The MAD MONSTER team was at MONSTERPALOOZA in force, stuffing mags into eager paws, taking subscriptions and recruiting new contributors. They also took the opportunity to road-test the many puzzles, games and cut-outs found in the 1st issue of the mag. Oh, and they traded coveted copies of the new mag for souls. You heard right! Every fan who signed over their immortal soul got a free copy of MAD MONSTER! The reception was phenomenal. Even better than we'd hoped. There were also posters of our centerfold gal (Stephen King's CHRISTINE) for sale. 

Orders continue to pour in after the show. Fiends from as close as Hollywood to as far away as Germany have been bitten by the MAD MONSTER bug. The revolution has begun. Thanks for being a part of it. Look for the MAD MONSTER team the weekend of April 29th through May 1st at CHILLER THEATER CON in New Jersey and TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND. Stop in, say hello and get your copy of the mag. You can leave your soul at the table...

Order your copy of MAD MONSTER magazine HERE!

The "Old House on the Hill" cut out and assembled from issue #1 of MAD MONSTER mag. The original Godzilla; Haruo Nakajima - a Gigantic MAD MONSTER fan!